The Story of Doctors Answer

The Doctors Answer Programs have their beginning in research performed at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in the early 1980’s. Doctors there were working with a group of in-house patients with type 2 diabetes referred to as the “300 Club” because they all weighed over 300 pounds and all had cholesterol and blood sugar readings over 300.

The doctors discovered that when put on a very low calorie protein sparing (i.e., conserving muscle tissue) liquid fast that 80 – 85% of these patients experienced, within three to four weeks, a complete cessation of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The reason behind this was that this very rapid weight loss resulted in the patient’s previously expanded and bloated cells regaining their normal shape so that the insulin receptors (which reside on the cell’s outer membrane) were “reset” to their correct shape so they could now once again naturally bond with the plentiful insulin in the body. The challenge then was to ensure that the patient received all the nutrients necessary to maintain health while on the very low calorie liquid fast; that is, to find just the right balance of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements to keep the body healthy and running smoothly while receiving a very limited number of calories. The result of that work was the basis for the MNP Supplement formulation.

In addition, the doctors noted that fasting patients exhibited other positive health changes, such as: lowered cholesterol and blood pressure; lessening of hip, knee and back pain; reduction or elimination of GERD, snoring, sleep apnea, and improved cardiovascular functioning.

One of these doctors, a board certified endocrinologist, specializing in metabolic diseases, used this fasting model to design a special program for his own patients in private practice. He found that his obese patients not only rapidly and safely lost weight, but also experienced the same health benefits as patients in the research study.

He was very pleased with the improvements in the health of his patients when they lost the weight. However, over time, the endocrinologist noted that his patients tended to put the weight back on. Obviously, there was a piece of the puzzle missing.

So, the endocrinologist sought consultation with a PhD in clinical psychology with over twenty years’ experience in treating the psychological reasons behind gaining and maintaining excess weight. This clinical psychologist provided the unique insight and understanding that became the basis for the psychological aspect of the Doctors Answer Programs.

Together, these two doctors, the MD specializing in endocrinology and the PhD in clinical psychology, designed an innovative and effective program to help patients not only lose excess weight quickly and safely, but also to learn to make the necessary changes to maintain a new, normal weight long term.

The Doctors Answer Programs available today are their answer – the Doctors Answer – to treating the problem of obesity.

Published Research

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Here are some comments from actual people who have participated in the Doctors Answer Programs.

"The classes are essential to changing one’s life and becoming thin again – that is, if you want to stay thin and healthy for life. Your team members will endure with you, bond with you, encourage you and just be there for you. Your team leader will do that and more." – Kathe Jo (lost 68 pounds)

"DA Lite is a program that you have to be committed to, but if you get into it, it works." – Steve (lost 58 pounds)

"Even though I have taught classes on nutrition and portion sizes over the last 20 years, I had never put the information and techniques into my life. Who knew, when I started this program I was not only going to lose weight but gain confidence, respect, happiness, and the knowledge to do what I already knew but wasn’t applying to my life."

  "Week from week we met and talked.
And occasionally some of us even balked.
But in the end we were elated
Over new found shapes we had created."

Carlene (lost 55 pounds)

"At the end of the 24-week program, I had lost 100 pounds. I have changed my thinking about food. I no longer have high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes."
– Roy (lost 100 pounds)

"I have gone down 4 pant sizes, 33 inches, and 30 plus pounds and I am still continuing to be amazed how much better I feel. I am more active doing things I never dreamed I would be at 56."
– Madalayan (lost 36 pounds)


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