Doctors Answer Lite (DA Lite)
is the “lighter” version of Doctors Answer: The Metabolic Nutrition Program. In DA Lite, rather than doing a full fast, you will be on a modified fast to help you lose weight safely and rapidly. At the same time, you will participate in an integrated, 24-week educational course offered in a group setting and led by a group leader.

So, as you are losing weight with the modified fast, you will gain the psychological insights and nutritional education necessary to help you come to understand the underlying reasons why you grew overweight in the first place. With this knowledge, you have your best chance for long term success.

DA Lite II. For those graduates of the DA Lite course who have achieved their goal weight and wish to continue the support of group meetings while exploring new topics in the areas of nutrition and weight maintenance, the DA Lite Program also offers DA Lite II, an ongoing, year-round maintenance program. This program is also available to those DA Lite graduates who want to continue losing weight on the modified fast. DA Lite II offers weekly group meetings which focus on weight maintenance with nutritional and behavioral topics relating to the specific time of year.


Q: How does the DA Lite Program work?

A: While on the 24-week modified fast, you will be consuming three of the same MNP Supplement shakes per day that Doctors Answer full fasters use, and add in your own healthy, well-balanced 600 calorie meal. Most people use the shakes as breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack and usually have their 600 calorie meal in the evening as dinner.

In addition, once a week you will attend with other modified fasters, a small group meeting led by a group leader, to help you find your answers to solve your weight problem.

Q: What is my time commitment for the weekly meetings?

A: You should plan to spend about one and one-half hours per week in the weekly meetings.The first half-hour is usually spent in administrative activities, distributing supplement, etc., and the rest of the time (about one hour) is spent in the meeting working on the lesson for that week with your group and group leader. Also, you will need to spend time on homework, walking, etc. So, if you choose to join the program, you need to be willing to make a time commitment to make the experience worthwhile and successful.

Q: How quickly will I lose weight?

A: On the modified fast, women average a weight loss of 1.5 to 2 pounds and men average a weight loss of 2 to 4 pounds per week. Some lose more.

Q: How long can I safely stay on the modified fast?

A: You can safely stay on the modified fast until you reach the healthy goal weight that you have decided is right for you.

Q: What is in the fasting supplement?

A: The Doctors Answer MNP Supplement consists of a well-balanced, high quality protein, carbohydrate and fat mixture with added minerals, vitamins, and trace elements to provide 100% of the body’s nutritional requirements. The MNP Supplement tastes good and is filling, satisfying and safe. In the DA Lite program, it is available in chocolate and vanilla shake flavors.

Q: Will I feel hungry?

A: Most people on the DA Lite modified fast report that they do not feel hunger as long as they space their shakes and meals evenly throughout the day.

Q: How will the modified fast affect my health?

A: Obviously, losing your excess weight on the modified fast will improve your health. Excess weight places a strain on one’s body and can significantly contribute to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, joint deterioration, lower back pain, and increased risk during surgery or pregnancy. All of these medical conditions have been helped with the DA Lite modified fast. Many people find that they are able to discontinue or reduce medications, such as insulin and diuretics, associated with their weight-related diseases as they approach their new lean and trim goal weight.

Q: Is this program covered by my health insurance?

A: Most insurance plans do not cover weight loss programs but call your insurance carrier to make sure.

Q: Who should participate in this modified fasting program?

A: Individuals 18 years of age or older, who have 15, 20 or more pounds to lose or who are overweight and also suffering from any of the following: type 2 diabetes; cardiovascular disease (congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension); knee/hip joint deterioration; sleep apnea/snoring; GERD; lower back pain; arthritis.


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