Doctors Answer:
The Metabolic Nutrition Program (DA/MNP)

is a medically supervised fasting program integrated with in-depth psychological counseling and nutritional education.

A professional staff of physicians, licensed therapists, registered dieticians and other medical professionals work together to deliver a complete, high quality program to help you meet your weight goals.


Q: How does DA/MNP work?

A: You will take a “vacation” from food by going on a medically supervised liquid fast during which you will consume five MNP Supplement shakes evenly spaced throughout the day for a total of 650 calories per day. While fasting, you will lose weight safely and rapidly. Simultaneously, through the guidance you receive at the weekly group therapy sessions, you can discover the underlying reasons behind your weight issues. With this knowledge, you can learn to develop and put into practice a new, healthy way of life that does not involve misusing food.

Q: What are the key program components?

A: The program consists of three components:

Part One: Addressing the Physical Problem. Patients undergo a liquid fasting program under the direct supervision of a physician. Full liquid fasting is very safe and effective when performed under a physician’s supervision and has a positive effect on many weight-related diseases.

Part Two: Addressing the Psychological Problem. Guided by a licensed therapist, the on-going weekly group counseling sessions provide a supportive environment where patients can come to understand the underlying reasons for their weight problems. This understanding is crucial to the successful maintenance of weight loss. “Yo-yo” weight loss and gain can be attributed, in part, to the lack of understanding of the psychological factors that contribute to weight gain.

Part Three: Nutritional Guidance and Education. Learning about food facts and gaining healthy nutritional tips from a registered dietician is essential to maintaining weight loss and living a healthy, energized life style.

Q: How quickly will I lose weight?

A: On the full fast, women average a weight loss of three pounds and men average a weight loss of five pounds per week. Some lose more.

Q: How long will I be on the DA/MNP Program?

A: DA/MNP consists of three phases: Fasting, Transition and Maintenance. Most people stay in the Fasting phase for about 12 to 16 weeks, depending upon how much weight they have to lose. After you reach your goal weight, you will go through the Transition phase which lasts four weeks and gently brings you back to eating food, and also begins the nutritional education part of the course. Once you’ve reached your goal weight and are back to eating regular food, you’re only half done. Now, you’ll enter the third phase, the Maintenance phase of the Program. In Maintenance, you’ll learn how to put into practice what you’ve learned so that you can, once and for all, be done with “yo-yo dieting.” Maintenance is offered in six-month blocks and many people choose to stay in the Maintenance program for up to a year. Throughout all three phases of the program, you will be supervised by your physician.

Q: What is my time commitment for the weekly meetings?

A: You should plan to spend about one and one-half hours per week in the weekly meetings. The first half hour is usually spent in administrative activities such as weighing in, distributing supplement, etc. and the rest of the time (about one hour) is spent in the group meeting. Also, you will need to spend time on homework, walking, etc. So, if you choose to join the program, you need to be willing to make a time commitment to make the experience worthwhile and successful.

Q: How long can I fast?

A: You can safely fast on our MNP Supplement until you reach the healthy goal weight that you and the program physician have decided is right for you. Many people have fully fasted on our MNP Supplement for well over a year. After reaching your desired weight, food is gradually reintroduced into your diet.

Q: Is fasting safe?

A: This type of fasting is very safe and effective when done with the proper supplement and under a physician’s supervision. Thousands of people have successfully fasted and lost weight with Doctors Answer.

Q: What is in the fasting supplement?

A: The Doctors Answer MNP Supplement consists of a well-balanced, high quality protein, carbohydrate and fat mixture with added minerals, vitamins, and trace elements to provide 100% of the body’s nutritional requirements. The MNP Supplement tastes good and is filling, satisfying and safe. In the DA/MNP program, it is available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and orange-guava shakes, and tomato and chicken soup flavors.

Q: Will I feel hungry?

A: Perhaps, for the first few days of the liquid fast as your body undergoes a period of adjustment; thereafter, many people report that they experience a sense of well-being and increased energy.

Q: How will the fast affect my health?

A: The fast is very safe. In fact, excess weight places a strain on one’s body and can significantly contribute to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, joint deterioration, lower back pain, and increased risk during surgery or pregnancy. All of these medical conditions have been helped with the DA/MNP fast. Within a few weeks of starting the fast, many people find that they are able to discontinue or reduce medications, such as insulin and diuretics, associated with their weight-related diseases.

Q: Is this program covered by my health insurance?

A: Most insurance plans do not cover weight loss programs but call your insurance carrier to make sure.

Q: Who should participate in this fasting program?

A: Individuals 18 years of age or older, who are thirty pounds overweight or more or who are overweight and also suffering from any of the following: type 2 diabetes; cardiovascular disease (congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension); knee/hip joint deterioration; sleep apnea/snoring; GERD; lower back pain; arthritis.


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